I don’t think I’ve posted on this blog since the middle of eighth grade. A lot of things have happened since. It’s the summer before my freshman year. I’m starting high school in August. I’m starting high school in August. I’M STARTING HIGH SCHOOL IN AUGUST. It’s still hard to believe. It feels like I should be starting sixth grade, it really does. I’m not a baby anymore. I’m fourteen.

And for my first year of high school, I’ve taken on quite a few responsibilities. I’m freshman class president. Well, technically. My friend Colt is going to be co-president with me and we’re going to share the work load. I think being co-presidents will be so much easier, just because I’m going to be doing so much next year. Colt and I have to come up with a class t-shirt. I have no idea what I’m going to do yet.

On top of that, I have marching band. I have to memorize my music, march in the Fourth of July Parade, attend two weeks of band camp in July, and have just about every single Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday night tied up until some time in November. Oh, and competitions on Saturdays. Thankfully, I have friends in the band and color guard.

Choir. I’m going to be in mixed choir, and I want to be in show choir as soon as I can. (mixed choir is a prerequisite for show choir.)

Acting For Life. Every year in middle school, this group of high school kids came and they put on a little skit for us that basically acted out reasons why we shouldn’t drink excessively, smoke, or do drugs. And in eighth grade, they came again, and explained to the incoming freshman that if we wanted to be a part of the group, we had to go sign up. So I did. Why not? We have to sign a contract that says we won’t drink, smoke, or do drugs while we’re a part of the group. I don’t plan on doing any of those things, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for me to withold the contract.

I’m still in RISE, which means I still have Future Problem Solving and everything, but I have to be at the high school at six AM to have RISE because in high school, there’s no time for RISE during the school day.

Honors classes. I’m taking Honors Algebra and Honors Geometry (we have to take two math classes because Tennessee is a year and a half behind academically -.-) and Advanced English 9. I have a summer reading project to read To Kill A Mockingbird and make some kind of display board about it. I’ll have to look at the instructions again to be sure.

Personally, a lot of things have changed, too. I have a new boyfriend, a couple of my close friends have drifted, and I’ve made a ton of new friends. I feel like I’ve changed quite a bit over the past few months, almost like I’ve grown up a little. Maybe being so involved in my school has made me feel like I’m a part of something important, instead of just another one of Robertson County’s TCAP guinea pigs.

Speaking of TCAP, the class of 2014 was bombarded with TCAP testing during the 2009-2010 school year. We had an entire week of practice TCAP, a week of actual TCAP, and after that we had to take last year’s TCAP. I think that’s a bit much, don’t you?

Oh well. I’m going to high school now, the land of opportunities. I have so many different options now. I feel like I’m finally going to get treated like a fourteen year old, and not a four year old. Middle school is over. My teacher doesn’t have to lead the class to lunch in a single-file line anymore. I don’t have to sit in a cafeteria with just my grade. I get to interact with kids older than me. Kids that are graduating and going off to college.

In four years, I’m going to be eighteen years old. I’ll graduate high school and go to college. It’s amazing, scary, and exciting all at the same time.

Wish me luck.


Masiel Reyes

If you take a walk through the crowded hallways of Greenbrier Middle School, you will walk through a mass of predominantly Caucasian Christian students. Maybe, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll stumble upon someone of a different skin color or religious viewpoint.

My frustration was beginning to boil over when I was introduced to Masiel Reyes.  Just thirteen years old, she made the complicated and lengthy immigration from El Salvador to the United States. She speaks no English.

Unfortunately, Masiel is not in any of my classes. I didn’t know her until about her second week of school.  I pointed her out and asked one of my friends who she was. My friend explained that she is from South America. Immediately interested, I decided to write her a letter in Spanish.

With the assistance of an online translator and my father, I managed to choke out a clumsily-worded letter. Though my Spanish is not very good, I think she understood what I was trying to say.

She wrote me back, and I was thrilled. We continued to communicate through letters until one day we decided to sit together at lunch. The night before that day, I ran through as much Spanish as I knew and scribbled it down in a notebook. I even used the translator and my dad again to help add more words to my very limited Spanish vocabulary.

Conversations were awkward and not very clear, but we still managed to have a good time being in each other’s presence. At one point, we even made fun of teachers that were monitoring our lunch period and friends that were sitting nearby.

When I really look into this girl’s situation, I understand how hard it must be. She has been thrown into an environment that she isn’t familiar with. She has been mixed with people who don’t speak the same language as she does. Unfortunately, not all of these people are very understanding of her circumstances.

Masiel has already had to deal with several racist remarks. She dealt with cheerleaders mocking her at lunch and saying that she was going to grow up and “steal our jobs”.  She has dealt with people not wanting to even use the same bathroom stall as her because of her skin color. I find this absolutely appalling.

It’s unbelievable how close-minded some people can be. She is not diseased because her skin is brown. She is not a criminal because she comes from a different country.

I will do the best that I possibly can to help Masiel make a smooth transition here in redneck Tennessee. I will stick up for her if I see people making fun of her, and assist her with her schoolwork if she wants my help.

Good luck, Masiel.

I got my laptop back!

So, yeah.

My laptop has been down for like nine months, and I finally got it back today! I am so happy. Everything that was saved on it was still on there, though I deleted most of it today. It’s mostly just stupid stuff from seventh grade that I no longer need or desire. (:

I now have my computer back after waiting for FOREVAR.

Thank you Mommy.

Thank you Daddy.

My first formal dance.

Last night I went to my first formal dance. It was amazing. Technically I wasn’t supposed to go to the high school dance, but I went because Bobby is in high school. There was minimal security, so it was easy to get into. It was very awkward at first, but hey, when you put a bunch of teenagers together, more than likely it’s going to be awkward.

Once we got used to it, though, it really was a blast. I hung out with Bobby and a bunch of his dorky but hilarious friends, and Jordan stayed behind the concession stand the entire time. The guys wore suits (or tuxedos, whatever their preference) and the girls’ dresses were really pretty. Everyone there (skip a few) looked really awesome. (:

I guess I’m obligated to thank my friend Jordan for setting up all the decorations for the winter formal dance. It really looked awesome. He told me that it was supposed to look like Rockefeller Center, but I wouldn’t know what that looks like. There were lights on a couple of the Christmas trees set up, and overall the interior of the place looked like a professional had done it. Good job, Jordan. Know what I just realized? Jordan designed the entire winter formal dance, and the number one sign that a guy is gay is if he’s into interior design. (I’m just joking; he’s not really gay.)

I had a great night dancing with my boyfriend and showing off my new dress. I can’t wait to go next year. (:

I cannot stand Tokio Hotel’s new album. I liked it at first, but I honestly think I was in denial of the fact that the new stuff fails. I swear, I want every song from that album deleted from my iPod. The songs are repetitive and monotonous, and Bill’s voice sounds distorted. Tom, Georg, and Gustav are not even on the album cover, and you can barely hear their parts in some of the songs due to the extreme overload of techno crap. It truly makes my ears want to bleed.

I have waited months for this new album to come out. They said it was going to be different from their previous albums and have more a pop/techno feel to it. I worried a little, but I wasn’t completely turned off from the album.

When it finally came out, I was excited, and I listened to it constantly. Now I can’t listen to it without wanting to march over to Germany and smack Bill across the face. Seriously? The lyrics are just awful. I used to think that Bill Kaulitz was a lyrical genius and a fantastic singer. One of their songs, “Screamin'”, (in the video above) is really, really bad. The lyrics to a certain part go something along the lines of:

“I will scream till I’m bleedin’ and I will crash through the ceilin'”

Really now, Bill? You’re going to crash through the ceiling? And in another part he sings that it’s cold out and how he is such a sad, sad sight. They went from being my overly amazing role models to being pathetic emo shitheads. I used to really love them.

I guess I’ll have to listen to their old stuff again and again and again until a new album comes out.

I really hope you won’t disappoint me next time, Tokio Hotel.

My family, my boyfriend, my best guy friend and I all went to see the Blair School of Music Concert. It was quite entertaining. I didn’t even know a saxophone could do half the stuff the saxophonists did at this concert. They were squealing and flying through sixteenth notes and they sat in THE FRONT ROW!! We never get the front row! Bobby told me in jazz band the saxophones get to sit in the front row because it’s a very jazzy instrument. I’m happy.

After the Blair School of Music played, the Nashville Jazz Orchestra played. They were professionals, but I think the college did a lot better. They were both really good, though. The directors cracked me up because they just point and the band plays. Then the director dances around a bit and points again.

Before all this happened, though, we went out to a really good dinner at PfChang’s. Bobby, Jordan, and my dad were all wearing suits, and I have to say…all three of them looked awesome. (: My mom and I were dressed up about as much as we were willing to without wearing dresses. Of course Noah wore slightly less casual clothing. Haha.

Overall, I had a very busy Saturday. It was a blast.

I made Midstate Band!

December 12th was an interesting day for me. I woke up at five in the morning and got ready for the day. It was a really good day, and it took me a total of two seconds to wake up.

I was in the house a total of about an hour from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed. I was in Nashville for everything.

At about six thirty or so in the morning, we picked up Jordan, and at seven we picked up Bobby and Sarah. Then we went to the school where the auditions were being held.

I was number thirty-seven, so I didn’t really have to wait all that long. They give you a piece of music (called your prepared) a couple of weeks before the audition and your band director is allowed to help you with it. Then you have to learn your eight major scales and your Chromatic scale.

The prepared was really easy this year, but I really screwed it up. I got in the audition room and started to play. I played fine for about half of it, but then I get to the middle and I CHOKE. Literally. Like, stop playing and struggle to breathe choke. Then once I regained my breath, I resumed playing. It was humiliating! And my confidence was shot so I ended up sounded like two cats with their tails tied together tossed over a clothesline.

I saved myself with my scales. They told me to play my C and A scales, which I can play very well. They’re easy scales! Then I kind of messed up on my chromatic, but I sounded alright. The sight-reading sheet music was easy. I got all the way to the third sheet of music. I ranked the highest in the middle school with sight-reading by far. It was amazing because I usually don’t beat Alex.

I’m so excited. In January I get to stay in a hotel and play with a very prestigious Midstate Band. It’s an honor. Yeah, I might be last chair in the Bronze Band, but who cares! I got in!